Friday, December 4, 2009

many many things to add.

OKay, yes i realize that i haven't posted in forever but all i can say is that i HATE HOMEWORK WITH A BURNING PASSION!!! it needs to die in a hole. Okay, first things first. do not ever jump over small propain tanks. you fall, you hurt yourself, and you limp for a week. don't. ever. do. it. i have the bruise to prove it. i've again, read to many books to count, most of which in the wee hours of the night because accourding to the internet, not sleeping means that i have some rare disies. (it also states that it causes purple toungs. thanks wikipedia!) i'm writing this at 11 at night because i can't sleep. i just can't! and no matter how loud you yell at a book for a stupid ending, it won't change. then you have to wait another year (if your lucky) for the next one to come out to repeat the process! i. hate. series. i can't get enough of them but frankly, i don't see why i continually read them. The lord of the rings was good because i wasn't even born when they came out. my PARENTS weren't even born yet. (i think) therefore, no waiting, you already know what happens, and mine are second edition, which means that they would like fall apart any second (they were printed in the 70s. yes. they are older than i am. our family is still on the search for the missing extended edition of the LotR movies because at our last halloween party (2 years ago) we stupidly lent them out to someone. they never gave them back. My cat is making funny noises when she sleeps. i'm afraid to wake her up because she will bite me! wow, ADD much Celedë? I hate tecnology and it hates me. wanna know why? because it won't let me print. ever. (my laptop at least) i had to get my social studies teacher to press the 'print' button because it was freaking out at me! wanna know how much one social studies project costs to print? 7 dollars. guess how many times i had to print it? TWICE! i only had 14$ in my account. i can kiss that goodbye. now it has a pretty -.7 on it! its december 4th (i think) i don't get it refilled until january. joy. wow. that was a lot of typing. going to try to sleep now maybe a jog around the block in the middle of the night will wear me out. Merry CHristmas, happy hankia happy kwanza ecetera ecetera.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Hey! sorry its been a few days, remember that whole thing about me raising money, yeah well its very time consuming plus the whole thing about me not failing out of school... anyway, yesterday kind of sucked. First i get a part (a big one) in the fall play! (good) but my friend didn't (bad) then after school getting ready to go to horseback riding w/ Elrania i reliaze that i forgot my riding pants, and boots!!! so i go in my sneakers and ratty old blue jeans (oops) then at horse back riding i find all of the horses tack that i was riding on the first try! (good) But while on Addie (horse) while i'm cantering, about half way around the ring, she trips and does a face plant. then rolls. while i'm still kind of on her. over my leg. So now i have a very unattractive bruise on my knee. (i think it's a good idea that were required to wear helmets while riding...)
anywho, when i get home i find that my dad fell through the attict floor and wanna know where? INTO THE MIDDLE OF MY ROOM! yeah, i know! i know have a new found appreciation for duck tape, but this isn't why you started reading! you wanted to do a tag!
okay here it goes:

Reader/writer tag.

Are you a writer?(skip next two questions if answer is no.)
hahaha... no.
What do you like to write?

Do you write for fun? on average how much do you write?

Do you like reading?

On average, how much do you read a day/week?
Um... at least an hour and a half a day but more depending on how much HW and stuff i have to do.

What kinds of genres to you like? (writing/reading question)
Mostly fantasy and action books but if there's a good mystery or well done historical fiction, i'll give those a shot.

Be honest, have you ever just given up on a story or book?
Yeah, i have to admit i have there are just some crappy books out there!

Now for the major question. Are you a fan-fiction reader/writer? (do you write like made up sequels/prequels to fave books/movies.
ha ha very funny, no. i HATE fan fiction. (even if its relatively good fan-fiction)

I now tag any reader/writer lover in the blog! (you know who you are...)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

TNT LotR marathon!

So today on TNT there is a lotr marathon! I am sitting here during a commercial break after finishing my hw, pedicure, and campain posters for runing for student body secretary. Busy much? Yeah I thought so. It may not look it but being a mutlitasker is harder than it looks! (more you ask? I'm also auditioning for the play, honors festival and have to raise about 250$$ for my school to go by the auditions. Selling hot cocoa for 75 cents. That's about 350 cups of hot cocoa!!) sleeping is overrated. I'm going 2 make a tag soon so keep ur eyes peeled!
Celede outtie!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hey guys!

Yeah, i know i haven't posted in a while, not much really going on in my life at this particular moment! My birthday was on monday (okay, that was kind of big) i didn't have a party just dinner w/ the family! I was then surprised that we were going on a zip lining trip which was really fun! I would show you the photos (what little we have) but they aren't very good! We tried (and failed) to take photos while we were going down the zip line and they didn't work out very well...I'm starting school up on the 1st and I'm really not looking forward to it! I'm also still very upset because our extended edition of LotR is missing (and had been for a while!) we lent it out to someone and never got it back!!! (They steals it from us!) I'm trying out for a few ASA (Amateur Softball Association) teams in the fall, i have no idea if i will make it or not! Not much else except if u have a recomendation for a book that would be great! i'm always looking for a new one!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm Back! :O

Hey guys! sorry it's been so long! I FINALLY got my password back! So, what do u think of the makeover of ze blog? I ow it all to Elrania who helped me so much (as well as a much needed kick in the pants to remember my password thank you very much! once i figure out how to make an award i will give it to you!) Ah... where to start... i went to summer camp, all girls, no LotR fanatics. Sprained my ankle playing soccer (i triped over a soccer ball) and had to limp all over the camp (from one end to the other is maybe... 1/3 of a mile i was walking at about... 1 mile per hour...) Went to horse back riding camp where we road to the beach! The horse that i was riding starting swiming and i got wet (while still on the horse mind you) up to my waist! I started today by moving 10 cinder blocks (somthing about my dads trucked needing to get through the space where they were only the words "I'll pay you $20 got through) where i found a GIANT spider hiding and ran inside sobbing. I then detailed my dads car where i found another spider and repeated the process! (I always have to skip the part when Frodo and Sam meat Shelab but i guess you already knew that... Not much else to report except that i will be on Much more now!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yeah, I know i haven't been on much... sry!

I know i haven't been on in a while, we've all been busy cleaning out the garage and HW. I now have given up on passing science because i have a feeling i just failed that last project, and because its the end of the school year, no more grades will go in meaning that i failed science!! YAY!! i'm so overjoyed. You know, i hate camping, but i think i would rather take Frodo's quest than try to pass school. With all of the crap i do sleeping is not a great option for me... (I think i'll skip the whole Shelab part because i'm TERRIFIED of spiders! I mean Oh-My-god-i'm-going-to-have-a-hear-attack feeling or the Omg-man-is-pointing-gun-to-my-head scream. A family camping trip is never a fun thing. My school Band marched in the memorial day parade and i play the Piccilo. which broke. Oh goodie. Now i get to wait like a week until i get it back. I horse back ride and play an instrament but i don't think i can do both, how Boramir did it i have no idea. And how do they fight people on horses!! its like impossible! I can barly canter without a saddle! Not even kidding, ask Elrania!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Another hot one

Okay, so because i didn't have any school yesterday, i went to the most famous dinner in our state and i had so much breakfeast that i thought i was going to explode!! We had a game yesterday and we ended up having to use the mercy rule on them! we were up 20 to nothing! we let them get in 6 runs after that though! Now i should be working on my essay, but i'm a master procrastinater so i'm taking a break. My entire house smells like smoke because we were burning old papers in our fire place and if that isn't enough fire we are cleaning the yard and burning the brush. If i ever get back to it then i will have the most productive day ever!! I got my math done and almost all of the laundry which is like 200lbs of it!! We are cleaning our house now and trying to basically get everything all neat and titey when we found our LoTR books we found out that they were from 1973! We can't put them in the attick because we have little 'friends' living up there that really seem to like very old books if you catch my drift...
Well, at least i have a free weekend ahead of me...